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Vote Bush Out

Save Your Country

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About Us

Welcome. We are here to speak out about Bush and his taking of our freedoms, one by one. We wish to educate others about who Dubya really is, A war mongering, rights stealing, uneducated, anti-women, anti-environment, pro-big business, FASCIST.

Now, we aren't hear to slander anyone, we just want people who have cold hard facts or are interested in knowing the truth. We are not promoting violence of any sort, just asking people to vote and make their vote count. If you just need to rant about the inadequacy of our government due to Bush, go ahead. We believe this is more healthy than keeping it harbored. We want to stress how important it is to vote if you are legally able to do so. This is the only way things are going to get changed around here.

A few rules that should be easy to follow are the following
1. Sorry, no community promos here I think we've all already see enough of them.
2. All anonymous posting has been banned. If you don't have the balls to say what you have to say without being anonymous, quite frankly your opinion doesn't matter.

2.5 However if something you post her gets your journal spammed or "attacked" by another user please report said offense to evil_genius. That kind of nonsense is unacceptable.

Thanks to coiled_metal for below.

Days until Bush leaves office.

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